FOTD Jasmine Burgess

This happy healthy face belongs to Jasmine Burgess. Today is the first day of my new internship for FUUD London. A cool urban typical London brand in east London. It’s an unpaid internship so I need to get another internship or preferably a job. Get that cashhhh in.

I am a victim of Crime

That’s what it say on the card they gave me after my hysterical rant over everything I’d lost. “My Mac Pro and and and ALL that was in it. My pictures and my CV and my videos! Everything and everyone is against me! My Chanel! Them fuckers!!” Deep breath and continues “no no no” when I realize that 2 of my jewelry boxes are missing with my pearls and my rings, my diamond necklace is missing” the horror when you discover and keep discovering how much and what you’ve lost. And the terror of knowing someone has been in your private area, your home, your sanctuary. The aftermath when you listen to everything in the house, from the wind to the wood and steps and you’re constantly nervous that someone is in your house. It’s hard and stressful and sometimes I cry. I cry and I pray. That this will never happen again. To anyone

FOTD Victoria Raemy

I love this hair, it’s rough and raw and unedited. Probably took 3 hours to make it look random and dishevelled.

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