This is supereasy and fun! Takes about 2o min and you have yourself a cool accessory instead of a necklace. Bow ties are super hot and should be worn more often by both men and women!


Cut fabric 16cm x 16 cm and the other small piece into 8cm x 5cm.


Big piece: Fold both sides so they meet in the middle (pic above) then fold it again the same fashion (pic below):


By this time you should have something like this. A long strip. If it’s hard to keep in place I suggest iron it to make the sewing easier.


Fold it in half and sew a simple stitch all the way (vertical)


At this point you should have something like this


Now take you small piece (8cm x 5cm) and fold it half. Sew along the long line and then attach it like a loop (pic below)


Like this


Now you have two pieces, put the big thing in the hole and drag it til its in the right spot, most of you know how to do that


Like this


Play around with the ties, Mix color, textures and size!


If you have questions ask them below, also I’ll make a video tutorial on this tomorrow! Soon you too will be in tie-heaven!