These business cards were well received, but actually they were a temporary rescue due to that fact that my “real” ordered ones didn’t come in time for the ATTITUDE event. I knew that I was going network and that being a brand new business I would hand over my card to anybody relevant in the fashion business. So I made my own, but since everybody loved them I kept them just like this. You get the perfect design and each of the cards become unique, just like every garment I make. Symbolic.

Print the design you wish

Cut them out

Like this, make sure you cut a bit out of the line so you have space to burn

Boil hot water

You can use black tea or even coffee (smells good too)

Start burning

Burn the edges, make sure that there are no more lines, burn some places longer than other to give that ‘old effect’

Then Voila you have you own business cards! This is so much fun and easy! Next week a fashion DIY