I bought these shoes not so long ago from Nelly.com for about 20€= 200kr. Just because they were cheap doesn’t mean they have to look cheap. Substitute the cheapness to color and details.

From this:

… to this:

You will need:

1) 2 brushes (one big for large areas) (one small of the details).
2) Paint (waterproofed)
3) Marking tape

Start with the heel. Put tape on the edges where you won’t paint. Start with one layer and add the second when the first has dried.

I would recommend to start with the bright color first, I didn’t and it went well. I have a steady hand, if you feel a bit rough than start with bright color.

I love color blocking and you can be more extreme than I was and use more colors or add design.

Details makes a different

More layers of color makes it better.

Voliá use other colors or mix it up.  Hope you liked it.