Appropriate to the mourning period I am in, I am wearing all-black.  I shut down the blog for a while to clear my head of personal things that has been going south. Usually I disappear and wont update for a while until things are better, but since my readers are growing I feel a responsibility to let you know that I’m going to be inactive rather than just disappearing on you.

For the first time taking my ootd picture with a tripod I think the results is not half bad. Obviously I need more practice, but in some way I liked doing it on my own.

The blog will continue with one post a day like previously and hopefully you won’t notice my depressive tone in my writing. #whyme

Pants- River Island, Shoes- Zara, Blazer- Topshop, Top- New Look, Shoulder details- Topman Collar chains.
Have a lovely weekend!