DeeoniC DeeoniC


lcm 5LCM 7 lcm 8I’m not a huge fan of YMC, however they did feature 4 black models. Whilst Lou Dalton choose no models of color, all models looking, to be honest, quite disturbingly pale. Dunhill had dapper looking models wearing sharp suits and fantastic accessories. Dunhill models were dapper english boys from the country side, hunting on weekend and play golf in the afternoon, no brothers here neither. Astrid Andersen chose to go oriental and at some places it worked and in some… not so much. Have a look. My favorite today was without a question Kent and Curwen, which annoyed me because they too didn’t feature any dark skinned models. Topshop Designs took us in a time capsule back to the 70’s, but instead of nostalgia and fascination for the era it left me feeling kind of happy I was born in the 80’s. Matthew Miller made me so happy using both women, men of color and flowers! I adore MAN, there are so many pieces I personally want and then even more pieces I’d like to shoot. Christopher Shannon took us to the 90’s in the right way, pay attention Topshop design team. If men were dressed in Gieves & Hawkes, the world be such a prettier place. Lastly today we close day one with no other than DKNY MAN. What I can conclude from day one boys is; Wear mustard, navy, orange, monochrome and you’ll be in with the cool kids.