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KTZ embodies everything I am and want to be. Me as a kid, teenager and as an adult, wouldn’t surprise me if senior Dee fancied some of the pieces too! Orlebar Brown had the best accessories of all, dogs. I don’t mean Chihuahuas “miniature rats” (p.s. love small dogs lol) I mean proper big size dogs that could (and should) walk alongside a man. Kit Neale had so many fun pieces, comical pieces. Pieces that made my head go back in time and tune to “it’s hammer time”. Oliver Spencer mono-colored outfits are so brilliantly chic as seen above. Let me jump a bit for the last brand!


(a little more)


I’m so excited about Moschino I can actually cry! First they used most number of colored models in their show, secondly their designs had matching outfits for that couple and thirdly they had fun designs featuring smileys! That’s why they have so many pictures, I just couldn’t choose.