You’ve probably seen the red Sibling look circling around the inter webs, I think it’s pretty cool, some don’t like it all. What do you think? The whole collection was inspired by indigenous tribes. I thought it was brilliant because we’re still not over tribal, but not african batik patterns anymore, which is refreshing. SANKUANZ Presented by GQ CHINA how great is this collection? I mean really, they have ginormous hands! If Mickey mouse made it work so can Sankuanz! Burberry Prorsum brought down all the celebrity FROW to Men’s collection, and I understand why. The clothes are so flawless and wonderful and elegant and beautiful and other synonyms that describes just pure perfection. That Christopher Bailey is one young genius. However, despite having 42 looks we couldn’t see any black model dressed in Burberry Prorsum. Chester Barrie was very posh and and nicely made, like a better (much better) version of Dressman. There is an inherit nationalistic part of me that feels the need to, when ever possible, to mention the prides of Sweden. Tiger of Sweden is making that very easy for me, I am over and beyond. This collection is sick, absolutely sick!