That moment you realize that this is what I want to do, when you realize how lucky you are to be doing exactly what makes you happy. I shot my first LONDON celebrity styling since I moved. Happy Jankell is a Swedish actress on her way catapulting straight to the top. She is on many “to-watch” lists with series such as “Real Humans” being sold to different countries. She was such a pleasure to work with, she’s very down to earth and sweet. Even with the cold weather she modelled like a pro and made the rest of our jobs very easy. And the images, well WOW, can’t wait! Erik Lundback was the photographer and boy does that dude know how to photograph! Such a good team.

Location, location, location! We had the best of the best.

From left: “Photo¬†assistant” Emil, Photographer¬†Erik Lundback, Client Happy Jankell, Stylist Dee Omar, My super assistant Adely, and make up artist and hair Ruth Campbell. Great team!